KLW Begins Delivery of LSOX Locomotives

Knoxville Locomotive Works has begun delivery of its largest order for low-emissions locomotives. The KLW SE10Bs and SE15Bs being built for Locomotive Solutions will serve various chemical plants in the State of Texas. These units are partially funded by the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), which is administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The locomotives are estimated to pollute up to 90% less than the units they are replacing while saving up to 50% on fuel consumption. They are also equipped with TMV traction control systems to improve pulling capabilities, so that more work can be done with the same or less horsepower. 

KLW Delivers 3 KLW SE10Bs

Knoxville Locomotive Works Provides New Ultra-Low Emissions Locomotives to New York New Jersey Rail, LLC

East Tennessee locomotive manufacturer to help improve air quality in Metropolitan New York area and reduce fuel costs.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., August 14, 2015 – New York New Jersey Rail, LLC (NYNJR), a short-line railroad wholly-owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, has recently received three new diesel-electric freight switching locomotives from Knoxville Locomotive Works (KLW).  Unit design, engineering and production originated from KLW’s manufacturing facilities in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The contract, valued at $5.25 million, marks the first collaboration between the Port Authority and KLW.

The KLW SE Series eco-friendly-ultra low emitting switchers are operating at NYNJR terminals in Jersey City, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York as well as positioning railcars for cross harbor freight operations. The locomotives will not only reduce existing emissions levels by more than 90%, they will also help NYNJR save 60%+ in fuel costs while significantly reducing engine noise levels.

“For Knoxville Locomotive Works, this venture underscores our long-term commitment to deliver advanced technology locomotive power to the North American and International Rail markets,” said Pete Claussen, chairman of KLW. “It is gratifying we can do this with a localized Tennessee work force and with a predominance of U.S. manufactured assemblies and components.”

The locomotives are equipped with state-of-the-art drive train systems patented by KLW and MTU. Each single engine 1050HP diesel-electric unit is designed to reduce locomotive emissions and to mitigate fuel waste. These benefits are achieved without compromising reliability performance or power degradation through the deployment of enhanced electronic control systems and improved tractive effort capabilities.

“Our customers have consistently told us that two of the most significant challenges they currently face are increasingly stringent emissions standards and increasing fuel costs,” said Scott Woodruff, director of industrial sales, MTU America Inc. “Knoxville Locomotive Works has been on the leading edge of designing the best locomotive solutions to meet those challenges, and MTU is committed to helping locomotive builders like KLW deliver the cleanest, most efficient new products to their customers.”

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KLW Readying Tier 4 Prototype for Testing

KLW 3200

KLW and HUG Engineering are working together to develop a Tier 4 locomotive package utilizing the Series 4000 line of MTU engines. By utilizing the KLW 3200, KLW anticipates testing the Tier 4 locomotive package within the next month. 

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KLW to bring 200 jobs to Knoxville

We are proud to finally announce KLW plans to bring 200 jobs to Knoxville over the next few years by investing $6.1 million into our current facility. 


Our expansion includes the purchase of eight acres of land, the purchase of two adjacent buildings, and significant upgrades to our current shop with the addition of new overhead cranes, additional track, additional offices, and more. Coming off successful tests on two Class-I railroads and a commercial chemical plant, KLW is poised to make a significant impact with our green locomotive product line.

If you are interested in working for KLW we will be accepting applications in January, 2014. You may apply at: resume.klw@gmail.com 

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