Providing the best single-engine green locomotives for operations of all types and sizes.

Knoxville Locomotive Works' line of single-engine locomotives are raising the expectations of green locomotives. Our products offer extremely low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and increased tractive effort compared to many locomotives in use today. Check out the links above or scroll down this page to learn why KLW locomotives are becoming the preferred green locomotive solution for industrial, switching, and road-switching operations.

The Future of Green Locomotives

KLW's approach to green locomotives has made many operators excited for the future. Click here to see how our design is different from many others.

KLW's line of single-engine green locomotives offer low emissions, low fuel consumption, and superior tractive effort performance. Learn more here!

One of the key components in our locomotives is the MTU engine. Learn more about the four different MTU engines we use right here.

KLW 2250: The First of its Kind


The KLW 2250 is a unique locomotive that is paving the way for Tier 3 and Tier 4 single-engine locomotives. As the first locomotive to use a high-speed engine with a low-speed alternator, the 2250 has shown operators that green locomotives can use the time-proven components they prefer while offering low emissions and fuel consumption. Since its completion, the 2250 has tested at Class-I, short line, and industrial operations with positive results. Click the links below to learn more about the KLW 2250.

Since its completion the 2250 has been tested at numerous locations, showcasing the future of green locomotives. Learn more here about how the 2250 is raising expectations for locomotive repowers.

Building our first green locomotive was no easy task. Learn more about the build process here.

Looking for 2250 pictures? This is the place to go! If you have a picture you think deserves to be on this page, send it our way!

Learn More About KLW

Established in 1998, KLW was formed to service G&O locomotives. Today, KLW is its own company and a manufacturer of its own line of green locomotives. Learn more about KLW's history to see how we've become a green locomotive manufacturer.

KLW is an evolving company and is quickly becoming the preferred green locomotive solution. Find out the latest news regarding KLW and see how we are changing the way people think about green locomotives.

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